Partner Authority Scheme from your Local Authority Building Control

Partner Authority Scheme

Delivering the knowledge of 3,000 technical experts through one account manager

Work with the team you trust

We all like to work with people and organisations we know and trust. This is especially true when working on a difficult site, complex design or when introducing innovative design features and or construction techniques. When time and budgets are tight, it makes a big difference to get quick and concise advice – this is where your dedicated LABC building control consultant comes in.

Your dedicated account manager will be your single point of contact on behalf of LABC in England and Wales. What this means for you is:

  • Consistent and timely consultation on all of your developments
  • Access to the LABC network of specialist consultants and experts

Building Regulations are one element in the huge myriad of approvals and regulations that our customers have to find their way through. Through the Partner Authority Scheme, you will receive guidance on your project from start to finish.

Your account manager will be your key contact and give you access to our network of technical consultants for support on the wide range of issues associated with development management - from BREEAM through to warranties, building control, specialist acoustics, fire, Code for Sustainable Homes and innovative products and systems through to completion.

Benefits of LABC Account Management

  • A single point of contact
  • Consistent advice
  • Site inspections from your neighbourhood professional team with invaluable local contacts and knowledge
  • Unique access to the Development Team, from the planning authority to the highways engineers and local fire service
  • In-depth expertise on structure, fire, noise, warranties, access, contamination, energy and sustainability from LABC specialists and our business partners
  • National policy and consistent technical standards
  • Simplified correspondence, faster resolution of queries and reduced paperwork
  • Simplified fees and invoicing arrangements
  • Electronic submissions and e-working
  • The use of the LABC Partner logo on all of your marketing materials
  • Access to LABC Registered Details
  • House Types as LABC Registered Buildings
  • Access to bespoke LABC Training packages
  • LABC Consult

Selecting a Partner Authority

In the past, companies carrying out projects in different locations used to have the hassle of dealing with multiple local authorities where each project was located, but this is no longer necessary.

Through the LABC Partner Authority Scheme, customers can partner with a single local authority of their choice for pre-plans submission advice and plans approval, irrespective of where the project or projects are being built.

The partner authority will appoint an account manager to deal with the partnership and levels of service will be agreed.

The LABC Partner Authority Scheme does not limit you to one 'partner authority'. Depending on your company's portfolio, you may wish to partner with more than one authority allowing you to have direct access to the specialist skills that are relevant to your project, whether it's a project focussed on a low or reduced carbon footprint or thermal insulation compliance.

For each project, the local authority partnered with the customer will work with the design team at concept stage and carry out the plan appraisal. They will then organise and brief the local 'inspecting' authority who will carry out the on-site inspections.

As the Building Regulations become ever more complex and less 'prescriptive', there is always a risk of varying interpretations from different building control surveyors on the more unusual schemes, but the partnering approach eliminates this risk at source. This single source service will benefit any developer or building professional dealing with projects in different areas.

To benefit from the LABC Partner Authority Scheme, please contact the authority with whom you would like to work in partnership. Alternatively, let us know the type of work that you handle and we will introduce you to a local authority which has the experience and resources to provide a first rate service to you.

3,500 customers can't be wrong

Currently, over 3,500 companies are partnered with LABC. They have chosen to work with the biggest and best building control provider in England and Wales. With a 70% market share across all building sectors, LABC will work closely with you to ensure that your project is safe, accessible and environmentally efficient to comply with the Building Regulations.

Here's what one of our customers had to say:

"Our architects and designers are given support at all stages, and we have found a consistent approach across all our projects has given us greater control and understanding."

How to join the scheme

To start taking advantage of the benefits contact your local Building Control office for further details.

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