Site Inspections

When can I start work?

Once a Full Plans application has been deposited or a Building Notice given, work can commence on site. The Building Regulations require that you or your Builder notify the Council at various stages as listed below.

Please note: Planning permission and/or other approvals may be required before work starts. If in doubt or for advice please contact your local Planning Department before work commences or any of the contacts listed below.

  • Planning permission: Contact your local council
  • Conservation: Contact your local council
  • Scaffold, skip and hoarding permits: 08458 247 800
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's): Contact your local council
  • Southern Water Services Limited: 01962 716 500
  • Fire Safety Officers: 01303 227 201

What stages need to be inspected?

  • Commencement - In writing at least two days before work starts.
  • Foundation excavations
  • Foundation concrete laid
  • Oversite hardcore
  • Damp proof course
  • Drains and private sewers
  • Testing drains and private sewers
  • Completion of work - Within 5 days of completing the work

How do I arrange an inspection?

Inspections can be requested by phone, fax (where available), email or in writing. Please contact your local authority building control office to arrange a mutually convenient time for an inspection.

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