Homeowner Video Guides

The following videos have been made by LABC to help you through your home improvement project and to understand when and why you need Building Control.

Current video guides

What can your local authority building control team do for you?

Are you building your new dream home or hoping to make improvements, extensions or alterations to your home? This video explains how we can help you.

Masterminds of Construction

This video is part of a series of films produced in association with CIOB "Masterminds of Construction". It looks at how local authority building control teams help deliver construction projects (whether large or small) in a timely and efficient manner.

Our members aren't there just for the policing of building control regulations: involvement from as early as the pre-planning stage helps developers and self-builders produce excellent builldings on time and within budget.

What is Building Control and how do the Building Regulations help you?

This clip explains what a Building Regulations application is and how to apply?

Do I need Building Regulations for my extension?

In this clip we explain what an extension is; what's the difference between an extension and a conservatory and how you've legally obliged to make a building regulation submission for your building work.

What is the difference between planning and building control?

In this clip we explain what planning covers and how it differs from Building Regulations applications.

How does the building control process work

This clip explains how to make a Building Regulation application; the difference between a full plans application and a building notice and outlines the information that needs to accompany your application.

Booking an inspection

This clip explains why we do site inspections and why they're important, what we need to look at and how to book a site inspection.

What to look for in a builder and how to find a good one

In this clip we provide guidance on how to choose a builder.

Help, we didn't get permission for our building work

This clip explains what to do if you didn't get building regulation approval for your building work or what to do if the property you want to buy hasn't had a building regulation application.

Case studies of conservatories

In this clip we explore the many different examples of a conservatory; what needs permission and what doesn't.

Conservatories basic rules

In this clip we explain the difference between an exempt conservatory and extensions.

Building Regulations for kitchen and bathroom

In this clip we explain the Building Regulation requirements surrounding kitchens and bathrooms. What are competent person certificates and where you can use them?

Building Regulations and loft conversions

In this clip we explain everything there is to know about loft conversions and the Building Regulations.

Alterations to the layout or sturcture of your home

In this clip we explain the process for gaining approval for your internal alterations.

Case study of an extension

In this clip we explain the process for gaining approval for your extension.

Garage conversions

In this clip we talk about garage conversions; what permissions you need; how to apply and what building control looks for?